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Luxury car rental is within your reach

No longer do you have to call several companies to fulfill such requests. Simply call Premier Luxury Rentals 24-hour reservation hotline at 877.505.8987 and turn your wildest rental request into reality within a matter of hours.

Luxury Car Rentals In Philadelphia

Mercedes-Benz, Bentley and Cadillac – these are only some of the brands that make traveling in our luxury car rental service in Philadelphia a memorable experience. Since everyone on this planet can’t own them, our passion is making your dreams come true. Whether it’s a wedding ceremony, a business event, a family function, a prom held at your son’s or daughter’s school, a party or a city tour, you can always depend on our luxury car rental service for an exotic travel experience in one of your most coveted luxury cars. It surely makes life a lot more fun, apart from boosting your social status both personally and professionally.

While hiring a luxury car, people usually look for two things: a first-class luxury car and an exceptional customer service experience

Of course, you should always expect to rent a first-class luxury car along with exceptional customer service experience. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other criteria that a car rental company should fulfil before you finally make up your mind to hire them for your next special occasion. In fact, the quality of a car rental service varies widely from one city to another, one company to another and one car to another.

What to Look for When Renting a Luxury Car

While renting a car, you should always keep an eye out for:

  • What’s included in the daily rate of the luxury car rental
  • What the mileage plan is like
  • Any kind of additional insurance options
  • Terms for returning the luxury car
  • Charges incurred if your return the luxury car late
  • Options in case of a mechanical breakdown of the luxury car

At Premier Luxury Rentals, we strongly believe that renting a luxury car in Philadelphia isn’t only about fulfilling your day-to-day requirements. It’s about experiencing the time of your life every time you decide to reserve a luxury car rental. It’s not just about the luxury of the car, but it’s also about how a company makes you feel at the end of the day.

Choosing a wrong car rental service could easily throw waters on your joyous mood and be a waste of your money. What if your schedule changes and you have to change the drop-off location? What if you have to wait long at the airport for your taxi in the taxi line, and you see no signs of hope? Even worse, if you don’t have specific details of how, when or who will pick you up?

It sounds like a nightmare, right?

Stop hiring just any car rental company that skips on the service in an effort to take as many reservations as possible. Take your time, check out the details thoroughly and make a call before you make a final decision.

We’re Here to Help with Your Luxury Car Rental Needs

The harsh truth of the story is that everyone may not have available time to read the terms and conditions of a car rental company, and not paying attention can easily create many kinds of discrepancies once you’ve hired a luxury car of your choice. For example, you may need to pay hefty extra charges if you return the car at a place which isn’t same as the pick-up destination. There are also many companies that charge additionally for providing roadside assistance or try to sell you some insurance. If you haven’t done your homework or lack adequate knowledge, you can easily end up paying a lot more money than your hired car rental service actually deserves.

If all of this research looks daunting, we’re here to help – to save you both your precious time and hard-earned money.

Remember that a day of driving in an amazing car in the streets of Philadelphia is actually one of the most wonderful gifts to enjoy yourself or surprise someone with. Imagine how delighted your wife will feel if she, on your wedding anniversary, all of a sudden notices one of her favorite luxury cars parked right at your house. It should certainly prove to be an act that will rekindle the romance in your life once again. She’ll have a fantastic time driving in a luxury car, as it’s not something that one gets to do every day. Certainly, you’ll want to give yourself a pat on the back thinking you really made it happen.

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality When Renting a Luxury Car

There are multiple other events or parties or get-togethers that present you with a great opportunity of pampering yourself or one of your close ones with a luxury car while making life-long fantasies come true. But all of it can turn into reality only when you book our luxury car rental services. We are highly committed to providing you with a driving experience with unparalleled service.

At Premier Luxury Rentals we accomplish just that. We don’t only rent out luxury cars. We turn dreams into reality so that you can cherish them all your life. We’ve simply fallen in love with what we do for you.

  • Why are we Philadelphia’s #1 resource for luxury car rentals?
  • We are Philadelphia’s #1 resource for luxury car rentals because:
  • Every vehicle that we showcase is privately owned
  • Our chauffeurs are highly skilled, and well-trained for all road types
  • Each vehicle we rent out is well-kept and detailed by our in-house auto detailing service.
  • We offer are competitive rates
  • We don’t surprise you with last-minute/hidden charges
  • We offer fast reservations even during peak season
  • Focusing on a customer’s needs is our prime concern

We’re a luxury car rental company that doesn’t stop at ‘Thank You’, unless and until you say ‘Wow’. Until then we consider our job undone. It’s this attitude that has made all the difference.

No matter what kind of a luxury car enthusiast you are, we’re deeply passionate to turn your day into an exhilarating experience of a lifetime. Whether it’s one of our staff people or drivers, each one of us is committed to making you feel like you could have spent all day in any one of the luxury cars you hire from our company. What’s more, our professional drivers can also prove to be excellent guides when you want some practical tips while traveling to a new destination or city.

Let’s hear what people have to say about us –

“Your meeting us at the airport with our rental was a great assistance and we were very grateful for that. The vehicle that I rented was well-kept and impressive. Your professionalism and kindness is something that we will remember and consider the next time we need anything, be it another vehicle rental, a property rental, a jet rental, a yacht rental, a driver or a referral to a friend.” – Chad & Brittany Henne

“I wanted to thank David and Debbie for being so helpful and nice in assisting me with the rental of the 2007 Jaguar XKR this past Saturday for our wedding! My new wife, Sharina, and I had a wonderful time driving around in such a beautiful car. It truly helped to make the entire day special!” – Mr & Mrs Jeremy Santiago

“I reserved a Black Chrysler 300 10 passenger Limo for my son’s prom on May 19th. Everything went very smoothly from the reservation and payment process to the day of. The service was great and I will definitely use premier again for next year’s prom and other special family events.” – Bernadette Pinamont

Each testimonial that we receive from our esteemed clients is compensation and even feels like a a reward!

Luxury car rental is within your reach

No longer do you have to call several companies to fulfill such requests. Simply call Premier Luxury Rentals 24-hour reservation hotline at 877.505.8987 and turn your wildest rental request into reality within a matter of hours.

Price, Experience, Service and Timing

At Premier Luxury Rentals, the secret sauce of our success revolves around these four words – price, experience, service and timing. Our prices are competitive. We offer you some of the most coveted models of luxury cars giving you and unmatched experience. Focus on the customer’s specific requirements has always been our prime concern. Most importantly, we’re always on time while we also carry the patience to wait if you’re late due to some unavoidable situations or circumstances.

Our luxury car rental company has gained appreciation and support not only in Philadelphia but also in its surrounding areas including New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and DC metropolitan areas. Being in the car rental business for more than a decade, we’ve acquired the ability to quickly identify the requirements you may have when you decide to hit the roads in style, luxury and elegance.

Let PLR add wings to your dream of traveling in a luxury car of your choice and see what flying with us feels like.

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